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Professional Children’s Eye Exams 

There are online vision tests out there that can grant a false sense of security. A child’s eye grows and goes through many changes, making a doctor’s opinion necessary. 75% of school-aged children go undiagnosed for vision problems falling through the cracks in non-optometric vision screening.

Children need an eye exam that accounts for their dynamic growth rate: once before the age of 1, again before the age of 5, and annually after that. Please book for your child today!

Supervising Growing Eyes 

Your child benefits from expert opinion, so there’s little guesswork on what risk your child is experiencing. We can provide a discerning look at the healthy range of your child’s eye’s axial length and optic disc size.

Children grow tremendously from infancy to youth, and their eyes grow almost as much as their bodies. From around 14mm at birth to just under 24mm by adulthood, your child’s axial length increases quite a bit.

If your child’s eyes don’t grow constantly into the right size and shape, your family runs the risk of complications from degenerative myopia (extreme nearsightedness). Less severe forms of myopia center around the shape of your cornea.

But a stretched-out football shape to your eye can come with a more serious form of myopia called degenerative myopia. Untreated degenerative myopia can lead to complications that can damage your child’s vision into adulthood.

Getting a careful prescription, and glasses or contacts keep your child’s vision from potentially harmful stress or strain

Your child’s eye has to be at the right size for their age, with healthy intraocular pressure levels, with their vision clear — all while avoiding UV damage from the sun. To keep their vision from degrading later in life, they also need to avoid UV damage from the sun with quality sunglasses, since childhood is a time of life where UV rays are slightly more potent.

Our Retinal Camera

Our new retinal camera takes detailed pictures of the back of your eye, “retina,” where your eye converts light into data your brain understands. We can check for many eye disease symptoms by examining this wide-angle view of your inner eye. With up 2.5x magnification with a narrow angle, we’ll work to identify even the smallest threats to your child’s ocular health, especially diabetes, glaucoma, or high myopia. With fundus photography, we can take detailed photos, and catch problems before they’ve worsened.

Eye Exams for Children

A children’s eye exam from Eyes on Chagrin is an important part of monitoring and maintaining the healthy growth of your child’s eyes.

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