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Cataracts are a common eye condition that are often related to the natural aging process. However, they can develop in patients of any age. Cataracts can be severe or mild depending on how long they’ve been developing. 

Our optometrists monitor the development of cataracts during all adult and senior, children’s, and diabetic eye exams. When cataracts have started impacting your daily life, our optometrists can refer you for cataract-removal surgery and monitor your ocular health both before and after the procedure.

Come in for annual eye exams and steer clear of this type of eye disease.


Prevention saves time, energy, and risk when compared to surgery

Wear sunglasses when exposed to UV light, especially in the early morning when most are caught off-guard by low morning light. It’s a great idea to have your children wear sunglasses as well.

The best sunglasses are those guaranteeing 99-100% UVA and UVB protection.

Cataract Surgery

Our optometrists focus on catching cataracts before they advance. But in the case your cataracts are impairing your ability to complete your day-to-day activities, we provide careful referrals for cataract surgery. Trusted eye surgeons are important parts of our cataract management process.

Cataract surgery can save your eyesight. Using sonic tools to scale the milky deposits, your surgeon replaces your clouded natural lens with an intraocular lens (IOL).

Referral & Recovery

If cataract surgery is the best option for you, we provide the support and management necessary for your recovery.

Cataract surgery comes with various risks, so coordinating with a trusted surgeon and receiving thorough follow-up care is paramount. Please book a comprehensive eye exam today to protect your eyes from cataracts.

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